Violence in the LCA

15 Apr

While men have achieved great things in this world it is also fair to say that they have been the origin of most of the world’s violence: they have been the warriors who have too easily gone to war, they have been the clergy who have condemned ‘witches’ to death, they are the fundamentalists in various ages and religions who take up arms to purify the world and their religion. As the vast majority of violence is perpetrated by males, the word ‘violence’ might justifiably be replaced by the phrase ‘male violence’.

If there is a gene for murder, it is a safe bet it will be found first in someone who carries XY chromosomes. That is, a man. There may be no such gene. Many experts insist violence is learned, not inherited. But as a spate of domestic tragedies and a powerful new study by Statistics Canada both establish beyond doubt, when murder happens in the home, it is men who do most of the killing. And women and children who do most of the dying. The Canadian Encyclopedia © 2010 Historica-Dominion

When men, in particular, are susceptible to abusing power and influence, it is in the interest of all community groups to consider the possible effects of having males exclusively filling positions of power. Consider the frequency of male violence by AFL players, consider the paedophilia scandal from within the ranks of Catholic clergy, consider the level of domestic male violence, consider how often female victims have been counselled by male clergy to forgive their violent spouse and to return to the home.

Is male violence just found in domestic violence or is it found in the ways that women continue to be used for the good of the Church but not allowed to take pastoral leadership? Is it found in the ways that women’s ordination continues to be dismissed generation after generation? Is it found in the way our General Convention is led? Is it reflected in the number of women who have left the LCA and worship in other denominations? Is it found in the conservative backward gaze on the past?

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