Fundamentalism offers us a certainty that I cannot find as a Lutheran

05 Sep

Short video of Mark Hanson, President of ELCA, in response to a question about what is distinctive about the Lutheran Church:

“In the midst of the clear proclamation of the Gospel … I can live with ambiguity … Fundamentalism offers us a certainty that I cannot find as a Lutheran Christian, but I find as a Lutheran Christian confidence, con fide, trust that God will be faithful, so I can believe that at the same moment today I can be both saint and sinner, that this world is, at the same moment, both good and fallen, that the word of God is both God’s judgement and word of promise, that Jesus is both human and divine, that God rules over creation through the law, for the sake of order and justice, and through the Gospel for reconciliation and salvation … and that I can live with paradox. Paradox for me is what seems to be a contradiction when first heard, but when contemplated more deeply reveals a hidden truth, and that the core of the paradox for us is the cross.

That this almighty creating god has chosen to become so vulnerable in God’s desire to be in relationship to us in the creation, that God bent so low God took on my flesh and yours, and we crucified him because we don’t want a God that’s so vulnerable and so loving. God said, “You tried your best on your cross and I got one better. I have raised Jesus from the dead and he is alive in the world and now go to meet him in the most unexpected places of your life…”

These are some of the gifts we bring.”

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