Spiritual Abuse Associated with Denying Women Ordination?

11 Oct

The action of Lutheran church authorities of Australia in denying women the opportunity, right and joy of serving as ordained ministers of Christ has wounded many women and is tantamount, in the mind of some, to spiritual abuse.  Why?

Women, like men, have been liberated by the Gospel from the Law and all oppressive expressions of the Law, but the church has exercised a law which prevents women from serving as ordained ministers which means they are denied the opportunity of celebrating fully their liberation by the Gospel.

Many women, like men, have experienced the call of Christ into the ordained ministry, but the regulations of the church authorities have denied women the joy of experiencing and exercising that call as ordained servants of Christ.

Women, like men, have received the gift of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit but are prevented from celebrating those gifts to the full by being denied the opportunity of celebrating the sacrament and preaching the Gospel as ordained ministers.

It is therefore appropriate that the church authorities apologise to those women who have been wounded by the practice of denying them ordination as servants of Christ.

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