Not on my watch

31 Oct

The President of the LCA, pastor Mike Semmler, has declared on various occasions that women’s ordination will not occur on his watch.  Why does that make me feel just a little uneasy?   What are the implications for the democratic process within the LCA?  What faith should delegates have in the process when voting at General Synod?

It appears that Semmler has immersed himself very successfully in the political adversarial system.  Those who were at the Toowoomba General Synod, 2009, remember vividly how he insisted that those who considered women’s ordination might cause dis-harmony in the Church should vote, ‘No’.  This lines up very well with his, “Not on my watch” attitude. Making it even more difficult to reach the 66% target, those delegates who were not present at the vote had their vote counted with the ‘No’ vote.

Of course, the President has never made his views public on women’s ordination.  You can’t help but love the Church!

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2 responses to “Not on my watch

  1. wombat

    November 5, 2010 at 7:15 am

    My memory says that he stated more than once that anyone who had any doubts at all must vote no.

    • Katie and Martin

      November 5, 2010 at 11:54 pm

      Indeed. This account tells the same story.

      The President’s action in this moment of history will be remembered with disdain. He continues to build further impediments to women’s ordination, and has contributed to the loss of women from the LCA. The truism about power corrupting is just as relevant to those who hold positions of power within the Church.


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