A Matter of the Heart

12 Mar
The divine essence

Image by Guðskraftur via Flickr

Perhaps this post could be entitled, “If it feels right, do it”. Now to explain.

‘Receptive ecumenical awakening is properly a matter of the heart before it is a matter of the head; a matter of falling in love with the experienced presence of God in the people, practices, even structures of another tradition and being impelled thereby to search for ways in which all impediments to closer relationship might be overcome.’

Paul Murray – Receptive Ecumenism

Prophecy, like revelation needs to be checked by the community.  If it’s something out of the ballpark then most of us will be cynical about an individual’s prophecy or personal revelation.  We are likely to respond by indicating that we have a different interpretation of Scripture.

But what if it’s in our hearts and not yet in our Church doctrine?  In the LCA, last century, ecumenism grew strong in the bush, partly through necessity, partly through working with and living with good mates in other denominations.  It was the right thing to do, despite directives from Adelaide.

Today, women are preaching in LCA congregations, partly through necessity, partly because it is the right thing to do, despite directives from Adelaide.  We have fallen in love with God through these women who provide spiritual nourishment and leadership. They have our respect in life-long relationships.  They are not outside the ballpark, they are in the middle of our spiritual lives.

As in ecumenism, our female leaders have our support because it’s the right thing to do.  We can do no other.  We stand with them in Christ.

In this time of Lent, we pray for more women and men to remind us of the cross at the centre of our faith.

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