Fear Not, Love Never Ends – a poem

30 Oct

Fear Not…I am with you
Stand up for what is right
LOVE fulfils the law

I’m a woman in a patriarchal church
I love the LCA
Through it I came to faith
It has given me friends and community and mission
I’m sad that women pastors aren’t recognised
I’m sad that numbers are declining

My job involved travelling
Each Sunday I attended a different Lutheran church
“Where are the young folk” I asked the pastor
“They’ve gone to C.O.C….A.O.G…..Pentacostal…Uniting…Anglican
Other Christian churches”
“Oh” I think “I wonder why”
Led by the Spirit, says God.

God calls my son to serve
He is ordained in the LCA
God calls my daughter to serve
She can’t be ordained in the LCA
“I wonder why” I think
“Fear not, I am with you” says God
“What can I do?” I think
“Stand up for what is right” says God

Tanya has a PhD in preaching
The Anglicans loved her homily
“Why can’t she preach in the LCA?” I wonder
“Go and Tell” says God

Rosmah is called to be a pastor
What a joy she isn’t in Australia
I can send some of my money to help her
Pity the LCA misses out
“Stand up for the oppressed” says God

My friend Emma tells me
Her niece is a Lutheran pastor
“Can’t be” I say
“Oh she lives in Germany”
There is neither Jew nor Greek  says God

Joyce is a pastor
She came to Australia
Married Ian  and the LCA said “You can’t work here”
So she worked for the Uniting church
God is blessing her ministry
Preach the Gospel says God

Margaret led the service and preached
She is an inspiring leader
Then someone in power found out and put a stop to it
God led her to pastor to us
I hope she stays

The Lutheran needs an editor
It’s always been a male pastor
It should be a male pastor
But Linda does the job and wins accolades
“Wow” I think “Fantastic job she does”
“You can do all things through Christ” says God
“Fear not I am with you”
But she’s a woman

I read somewhere that if you are ordained
You can be an Aged Care Chaplain
Heidi’s doing the job
She’s a qualified Chaplain
But they won’t ordain her
“I wonder why because God has called her”
“Preach the Gospel” says God

Ian Watto is a leader bloke
He knows lots of things
He’ll know why woman are rejected
“Power” he says “some men want power”
Stand up for what is right…Neither male nor female…Preach the Gospel


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3 responses to “Fear Not, Love Never Ends – a poem

  1. Jingo

    October 30, 2011 at 9:53 am


  2. david

    November 2, 2011 at 12:18 am

    What is the relationship between LCMS and your LCA?

  3. Katie and Martin

    November 3, 2011 at 9:38 am

    The Aussie ELCA was aligned with the LCMS while the the UELCA was aligned with more progressive, Scandanavian churches. Officially the LCA has links with both LCMS and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). We think it’s fair to say that current LCA leadership is influenced by LCMS. Links with them will be under strain when women are finally ordained.


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