The synodical structure of the LCA undermined.

20 Nov

One could be forgiven for surmising that it was Pastor Semmler who decided the direction of our Church.   Recently we surmised that Pastor Semmler may have been suffering hubris syndrome.  He continues to impose on the Church his idea of what the process of consensus should look like, regardless of the wealth of information arising in the last few decades on that topic.  He continues to place faith exclusively in his proposed committee of 5 ‘young’ men.  Rather than seeing himself as the Chairperson of General Synod, who facilitates the will of that collective, he appears to have taken a strategic political approach in order to stymie the progression of women’s ordination within the LCA.

The direction of current leadership does not reflect the Church’s synodical nature.  The LCA Homepare declares that:

It is (in effect) the people in the pews, rather than church leaders, who determine the direction of our church. The LCA homepage

Yet, Pastor Semmler declares that there will be no decision at the next Synod, in March 2013.  Such assertions are in direct contravention of the LCA synodical structure .  How will he justify that decision if there are motions to Synod proposing women’s ordination?  Surely, given the Synodical nature of our Church, there would be no option but for delegates to discuss such motions.

The trouble is that nothing will change until congregational leadership arises across Australia and New Zealand to protest the way that women continue to be excluded from pastoral leadership in the LCA. Perhaps it’s time that men stood up to support their sisters, wives and daughters.  Heaven knows we need their insight and wisdom.

What might you do to assist women in the LCA?  How might your voice be heard this week?  How might you encourage your congregation to provide leadership? Who can you sit with to dream about bringing change?

So often we think we have got to make a difference and be a big dog. Let us try to be little fleas biting.  Enough fleas biting strategically can make a big dog very uncomfortable.

Marian Wright Edelman – founder of the Children’s Defense Fund

Social Change can only happen when we not only realize that we need to change, for ourselves and those we love, but become willing to take action. Belief in our ability will follow.


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3 responses to “The synodical structure of the LCA undermined.

  1. Christian P.J. BAhnerth

    November 20, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Are women the fleas and men the dog?

    How inconsiderate!


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