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HowToMake: Ribbons for women’s ordination – Update on colours used

Ribbons and card to support women's ordination in the LCA

Further to our earlier post, Wearing ribbons in support of women’s ordination,  We have received requests to describe the ribbons and to give instructions to make them.

As you can see in the accompanying photo the concept is simple:

  1. Cut about 6cm of thin purple (Lupin) and thin green (Parakeet) ribbon. (the examples are 3mm satin ribbon)
  2. Fold them into shape and put a couple of small stitches on each side.
  3.  Attach a small safety-pin so that users can attach them to their clothing.
  4. You may wish to attach a small card to explain the purpose of the green and purple ribbons.  An attached card might read something like this:

Each year further men are ordained into the Lutheran Church of Australia. While we celebrate these ordinations, there is sadness that women cannot yet be ordained. We invite you to wear this ribbon to Church gatherings as a gentle way of showing your support for women’s ordination.

Comment from the woman who made them for the Ordinations:  “This is just my method – if your method works better, share it.”

If you’re interested in making some of these ribbons may we suggest that you work with a group of friends so that you create a level of interest. One person wearing the ribbons may go unnoticed.

The idea is that supporters of women’s ordination wear the double thin ribbons to Church gatherings at all levels.   Wearing ribbons will arouse interest, spark conversations and have the potential to grow into something significant.

Please pass this idea to interested friends and contacts.  One way to do this is to give them the details of this post via Facebook of Twitter.


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Wearing ribbons in support of women’s ordination

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November 2011 saw the ordination of several men from ALC at Concordia Chapel, Highgate, S.A.   Small ribbons in support of women, who were not deemed suitable to join the men, were offered to those attending.   A large number of people were happy to wear the ribbons, including faculty from ALC and parish clergy.  A small card was also given to people stating:

As we celebrate this occasion with the church and the ordinands, there is sadness that, yet again, no women will be ordained.  We invite you to wear this ribbon to the service and other celebrations as a gentle way of showing your support for the ordination of women.

Pastor Semmler laments the low number of men graduating from ALC, however, he demonstrates an intolerance for one obvious solution to the dilemma – the ordination of women.

The wearing of ribbons has been received enthusiastically by some. Perhaps they should become a permanent thing until women are finally ordained.


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