Schrodinger – on the right side of history

19 Mar

Erwin Schrodinger

Erwin Schrodinger was one of the main architects of quantum mechanics. Although he was a Catholic, Schrödinger decided in 1933 that he could not live in (Nazi Germany) in which persecution of Jews had become a national policy.

Schrodinger worked in Dublin through the years of WWII.

via Schrodinger biography.

Schrodinger, a colleague of Einstein, stands on the right side of history.  He made the choice to leave Nazi Germany when the voice of opposition to the Nazi regime had been silenced.   Those who supported the totalitarian government are today viewed with disdain.

Some of us cannot continue to live in a Church where the disempowerment of women has become Church policy, where women are continually patronised, dismissed and trivialised. Our simple membership in congregations demonstrates unwitting support for this current oppressive policy.  We either must take a stand or leave.

The tide of history (sadly, not always led by the church), showing the gradual, eventual embrace of the marginalised, makes clear that women will gain equality, despite the dogged resistance from the LCA oligarchs.  It is hard to imagine the grandchildren of these characters proudly reminiscing about the policies that their grandparents defended; about the way their grandfathers used Scripture to maintain a structure of power.

It is important to stand for, and act on what is right.  We are acting not just for women, not just for the LCA, but for our grandchildren, for respect and for the Church’s place in history.

Thank God for the prophetic, stand for justice that some German scientists, like Schrodinger, took in Nazi Germany.  They, like Luther, stood against oppressive leadership.

What steps might you take today in support of women, in support of our grandchildren and in support of our Christian community, the Lutheran Church of Australia?

Make connections, build the network, raise your voice and don’t be silent in the face of injustice, talk to your congregation members; What must be done? What can we do? What can we change? How can I make a difference? What is there to fear?

Alone, the road is long!  Together we can build our future.


Posted by on March 19, 2012 in theology


3 responses to “Schrodinger – on the right side of history

  1. lcamyopinion

    March 19, 2012 at 4:02 am

    That is precisely the point isnt it. NT history shows that those who used a rigid interpretation of scripture over and against the real and genuine needs of the people were on the wrong side of history and are not remembered well.

    They were called Pharrisees. and Jesus said the them

    Cmon guys….the law (sabbath) was meant to serve the needs of humanity. Humanity wasnt meant to slavishly follow your rigid view of the law.” (interpretation mine 🙂 )

  2. lcamyopinion

    March 19, 2012 at 4:03 am

    And… Whatever DID happen to his cat???


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