Time to Soar

11 May

It has come to our attention that St Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Adelaide are planning a conference on women’s ordination, July Fri 13 – Sat 14th this year.  It is certainly time that there was change in the LCA.  This could be the catalyst to bring it about.  Would you please consider being part of this event to ensure that women’s ordination happens soon in the LCA?

The following letter is from Dr Neville Highett –Chairperson St Stephen’s Lutheran Church.

Further information can found here.

Dear fellow Lutherans


The Lutheran Church of Australia has been discussing the Ordination of Women for Ministry, and thus the full and equal participation of all its members for more than twenty years. After serious and in-depth theological study, the Church’s Commission on Theology and Inter-church Relations (CTICR) has found that the Bible and the teachings of the church permit the ordination of women in the LCA. In two General Synods, a majority of delegates have voted in favour, most recently at the Toowoomba General Convention in 2006 with just over 50%. However, under the Constitution of the LCA, theological issues require a two-thirds majority of votes by the Convention. While this has never been reached, the Church is now split between those who are in favour of and those opposing the ordination of women for ministry in the Church.

Following the 2009 Church Convention in Melbourne, the General Church Council (GCC) decided to appoint a dialogue group of young Lutheran theologians to reach an agreement about the ordination of women. Since then, it is difficult to ascertain what progress has been made, if any.
In response to these developments, St Stephen’s Lutheran Church Adelaide has established a Women’s Ordination Working Party. Its objectives are:
1. To further conversation on women’s ordination within the Church.
2. To function as a catalyst to promote and progress the introduction of women’s ordination within the Church.
3. To work within existing structures, i.e. General Church Council, the College of Presidents and St Stephen’s Congregation, in order to ensure ongoing dialogue on the topic.

We are planning to hold a conference in Adelaide in July 2012 with the theme Time to Soar: The Ultimate Women’s Ordination Conference. More details will be provided as they are developed.

After serious deliberations, we have prepared a motion to be submitted to the SA/NT District Convention in 2012:
That the parishes, schools, and agencies of the SA-NT District of the LCA re-commit themselves to the participation and service of women in the life, worship and mission of the church.

That the LCA through its College of Presidents, General Church Council, General Pastors’ Conference and General Synod work expeditiously to resolve the issue of the full participation of women in the ordained ministry of the church.

Most importantly, we are developing a proposal to the next General Synod of the Lutheran Church of Australia, in Adelaide, in 2013.
We seek your support for proposals to be put to the SA/NT District Convention and the 2013 General Synod, both in terms of publicising them and in voting for them at Synod, and encourage you to put similar motions forward from your congregation. We also seek your support for the Time to Soar conference.

For your information, we enclose a brief history of the debate on women’s ordination in the LCA. For further details, please contact

Yours sincerely
Dr Neville Highett –Chairperson St Stephen’s Lutheran Church
Wakefield Street
Adelaide SA 5000
May 2012

Update: 13th May

WO Conference brochure

WO Conference brochure -Registration – print,

WO Conference brochure -Registration electronic.


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