Morven Baker reports on being asked to preach at a local church

22 May

Dr Morven R. Baker, D.Min., PCC-S, NCC, has been in practice for over twenty years in both institutional and private practice settings. She is founding President of Ashland Women’s Counseling Center, where she deals with the range of issues faced by women, but especially those arising from sexual abuse and domestic violence. A published author, Dr Baker is a popular speaker and teacher, having delivered classes, lectures, and workshops in the US and abroad. Source

We believe that the following comment is profound beyond words.  We include it for your reflection and as another reason to praise our loving, caring God.

Yesterday I was asked to preach twice at a local church on the subject of – now wait for it – sex, and how God intended it to be and how to get back to the Garden, where men and women were in partnership/companionship together.

Well, the bit in the middle was tough to talk about … how patriarchy was a consequence of the fall. I reminded the congregation that it was NEVER God’s plan for his children to leave the Garden and suffer the results of BOTH their sin. Remember, Adam was told about not eating from the tree before Eve was even created! Talked about some of the results of patriarchy …. abuse of women, pornography & its effect on the family, domestic abuse. Then the “second Adam”, Jesus, came and liberated women – “We are all ONE in Christ Jesus” – as Jesus wants us to return to the Garden his Father created. The response to both services was incredible. Men came to me and confessed things they had done, two elderly women came and shared they had been molested and felt too ashamed to talk about it before, people asked for help …. they want to change. They are hurting.

The amazing thing is that I am a female and was asked to do this by a male pastor. I was raised in a strongly patriarchal denomination in Canada, and my very elderly father is still very upset at me for “being disobedient to Scripture”. I told him that I loved him, but I believe that his interpretation of Scripture is wrong, and I am just doing what God has called me to do.

As it is with all the women who are longing to follow the call of God on their hearts. World wide. It is happening.

We welcome your response.  One of our responses is the giving of thanks for the man who invited Morven to preach.  Without him God’s grace would not have been revealed anew through Morven.

What might happen if such preaching happened at your church?  What hurts might be revealed?  What pleas for the assurance of God’s forgiveness would be heard?

I wonder what it is about confessing to another person, a woman, that is so powerful?

You may be interested in reading Morven’s Blog.

Update: You can hear an audio recording of Morven’s preaching at this website from Park Street Baptist Church.


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