25 Feb

Thanks to Tapfotoreflections for this post. Pureblood is an interesting metaphor.


Voldemort had a Muggle Father, this made him a mudblood. It is curious that his fury was directed at Muggles and Wizards that dared to defile pure blood.

No Mudblood (Part 2)

I remember a child being asked whether someone was a girl or a boy. The “someone” in question was a boy with long hair. Without hesitation the child answered: “She’s a girl.” Why? Because he had long hair and girls have long hair.  This kind of thinking is soon replaced by “A girl has a vagina and a boy has a penis”. As we go to school we learn that an XX makes a girl and an XY makes a boy. This is how we think  – and this is not surprising – BUT: We need to understand that this isn’t the complete picture on Gender either. With some people it is difficult to determine which Gender they…

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