She deserves nothing less from you

16 Mar

from Inspirational Quotes to Live and Learn – on Facebook

Are you waiting for women to pull themselves up to equality?  “It’s coming soon!”  “I hope those groups get their act together.”

It doesn’t work like that.  The marginalised cannot do it by themselves. It requires men and women of good will to speak and act on their behalf.

If it’s going to happen it’s going to need your involvement. The women are your sister, your mother, your daughter, your wife.  She deserves nothing less from you.


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2 responses to “She deserves nothing less from you

  1. Tapman

    March 16, 2013 at 3:18 am

    “The marginalised cannot do it by themselves.” I can’t agree more – I think a lot of Pastors are trying to be too careful – eg, providing a balanced view, making sure both arguments are heard. In some ways this sounds fair but the weight has always been against women. I think our leadership needs to transfer the weight in the other direction – the other viewpoint (against women) is already known and already widely&blindly accepted. I hope that made sense. In short – leaders, speak up for the marginalized – a very Jesus kind of thing to do.

    • Katie and Martin

      March 16, 2013 at 8:00 pm

      Indeed! Thanks Tapman. Leaders have a responsibility to seek out the voice of the marginalised, the oppressed, the silenced. Without doing that, the only voice that is heard is from those who already have access to the halls of power. Nothing will even change when we keep listening to the same story from the same people.
      Pope Frances is an interesting case. It remains to be seen whether he is able to remain true to his position of walking with the poor and living simply. Positions of power seem to mess with people’s core values. This is seen everywhere, including our own LCA.


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