Invitation from Pr John Henderson, Bishop

15 Sep
Pr John Henderson invites members to write to The Lutheran

Pr John Henderson, Bishop,  invites members to write to The Lutheran

We have been invited to write to The Lutheran with our views on women’s ordination.  You can imagine the many conservative pastors that will put pen to paper with their distinctive perspective on things religious, so it is useful that the voice of the membership is heard in this discussion.  Without that voice it will seem like the voice of conservative pastors is the only one out there, even though most LCA members are in favour of women’s ordination.

It is the voice of conservative pastors which is loudest against women’s ordination, and it is also that voice which is most strident and most intolerant of diversity within the LCA.

Don’t be a stranger.  Write to the Lutheran.  Express your thoughts on why women’s ordination is vital in your context.  While we don’t wish to compete in a letter writing competition and while letters cannot all be printed, it is vital that local voices are expressed in The Lutheran and heard by our Bishop.

Please be a part of this discussion.  Don’t leave it to others. Express your dreams and longings and leave your imprint on the LCA.

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5 responses to “Invitation from Pr John Henderson, Bishop

  1. Barney

    September 16, 2013 at 6:16 am

    Leave dreams and longings out of this. Let the Word of God be the deciding factor, c.f. Article II of our Constitution. The Word of God can not be broken.


  2. martin beach

    September 16, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    We know our pastor’s overseer (actual meaning of Episkopos) is sympathetic to our cause. While we may have good reason to be angry with the LCA & previous occupants of episcopal positions, now is the time to leave our anger in the lap of God, not to forget about logs & specks, & move on in a spirit of forgiveness. When we’re feeling angry, lets look for some of those really angry psalms where they say really awful things about their enemies & pray these to God. (S)He understands. Far be it from me to ascribe a gender to our God. (Remember the image of the hen & her chickens! When jesus wept over Jerusalem Luke 22 I think!!)

    In any case, some of those who tend in the direction of misogyny in our church, must be feeling pretty sore & upset at John’s “win”….. do we need to think in terms of win & loss in our church??? So as old Sylvia Teasdale used to say (God rest her soul) “You don’t poke a tiger with a stick” (Were she still alive sh’ed be around 100) (She was a woman of the most feisty kind; there were quite a few at the Gabba (Nazareth), & they all made wonderful contributions to the congregation in their own way while for the most part giving each other plenty of room to move). I recommend you check out the Sesquicentennial history of Nazareth published 2012 by Robin Kleinschmidt & the congregation… quite colorful.

    Sorry about the rambling nature of this, but I”m quite excited by this positive devpt in LCA history. So I implore you to operate in a forgiving spirit, knowing how much we ourselves are dependant on this forgiveness, for our own personal reasons. Perhaps it’s better to be a bull in the china shop like me, sinning boldly & believing more boldly, than to worry too much about image, scheinheiligkeit & ‘whatever wiill they think of me’?

    On 9/15/13, Katie and Martin’s Blog on the Lutheran Church

  3. Barney

    September 17, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    If the Word of God says “NO” by what authority can we say “YES”?

    • Katie and Martin

      September 18, 2013 at 7:48 pm

      By the process of intelligent reading of Scripture giving us permission to have different interpretations through a different hermeneutic.
      The following is from Pr John Henderson’s “Ordination We’re Listening – Caring For Each Other” page:
      “We will be real about the possibility that what we claim to be theological and/or biblical
      reasoning may not always be so, but may instead be a personal prejudice, quirk, or trait.”
      It’s time to listen.

      • Barney

        September 21, 2013 at 2:25 pm

        Where does the Holy Bible say that? To be – and remain – Lutheran one is obliged to accept the Bible, the Book of Concord and the constitution of the LCA!


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