CTICR consultations on the doctrinal statement for the ordination of both women and men.

04 Apr

The CTICR is now working with the request of the last Convention to prepare a doctrinal statement supporting the ordination of both women and men. They are currently running ‘consultation’s’ around Australia and New Zealand to move beyond their first draft. This last weekend there was a consultation at Blair Athol and Glenelg in South Australia. Many clergy were present, some of whom wanted to argue down women’s ordination or the process, despite facilitation stating that it was not a forum for argument.
The statement was limited because of the need for diplomacy within the CTICR and did not clearly reflect the Convention request. Rather, it appeared to provide fodder for further debate, starting from the current theological position.
One would have thought that the Convention request required the CTICR to present the clear gospel mandate for equality amongst God’s children. There is rich material that those supporting women’s ordination might have drawn on. If CTICR is compromised because of its membership, then a sub-committee or another body should be given the task to provide the necessary material for the LCA to journey into a rich future.

While the rhetoric of having patience is used, that is from the lethargic perspective of the comfortable.  It is not the perspective of those who are distressed and/or have left the LCA.


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2 responses to “CTICR consultations on the doctrinal statement for the ordination of both women and men.

  1. John Miller

    April 5, 2017 at 9:54 am

    Hmmmmm. I think it might be another case of theocracy versus democracy. Theocrats have always resisted change – in god’s name. These days democracy has a good chance of winning over theocracy. What god’s golden-haired boys said and did 3000 years ago no longer counts when it comes to sticking up for decency, equality, fairness … The LCA will shhortly run out of members. The few preachers that are left will end their professional lives preaching to themselves. I’d say they’re on a hiding to nothing.

  2. Sandra Wittwer

    April 6, 2017 at 6:51 pm



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