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St Andrews, Brisbane, requests information from women seeking to serve the LCA as ordained ministers

From a letter from St Andrew’s, Brisbane. 12th Jan 2018

Hello, and happy new year.

I’m forwarding a request from Shiron Dixon, chair of St Andrews congregation in Brisbane. Since 2015, St Andrews has graciously hosted Brisbane meet-ups for supporters of women’s ordination. St Andrews is about to enter a period of Pastoral vacancy.

The congregation is prayerfully considering whether it may delay its call process pending the outcome of the General Synod, in the hope that they could then consider both female and male candidates in this process. To help them make this decision they are gathering information about women who may apply for entry into the clergy of the LCA should the 2018 General Synod adopt this change of practice.

Could you please either respond yourself by completing the linked Questionnaire below, or forward this email to a woman you know who has, or has had, a sense of call to ordained ministry in the LCA? Shiron requests responses to by 25 January 2018 if possible. CVs are also welcome but not required at this stage.

Yours in Christ,
Kathy Matuschka
Altogether In Ministry (AIM)
Please use this link to complete a questionnaire.
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