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Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy, Man Booker Prize winner, shares her wisdom on those without a voice.  We in the LCA, make connections to how women are silenced or unheard in our Church.

Some people will insist that women are not voiceless in the LCA and will point to the exceptions – perhaps to Linda MacQueen, the Editor of The Lutheran, perhaps to Helen Lockwood, the Director of Lutheran Community Care or perhaps to women principals in our school system.  However, it will be instructive to talk to such women for their assessment of women’s place in the Church.

While the secular world is discovering gender equality, the LCA resists such notions and unwittingly makes itself, on a daily basis, more and more disconnected from Australian women and men (who are increasingly seeing through the duplicitous policy on women and men in our Church).

General Synod approaches.  Despite Pr Semmler resigning from the Presidency, he will chair General Synod and will attempt to stamp his influence on the Church until the following General Synod in 2016.  Change will only come when there are sufficient votes on Synod floor.  Attaining a 66% vote is an enormous task and every vote is important.

Are you able to be a part of rising hope in the LCA?

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