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‘The Chrysalids’ speaks to the LCA

Sometimes fiction speaks truth.

The following is from the final chapter of The Chrysalids, when the rescuer from the more advanced civilisation comes to rescue those who the fundamentalists seek to destroy because they are different,

‘Neither his kind, nor his kind of thinking will survive long. They are the crown of creation, they are ambition fulfilled – they have nowhere more to go. But life is change, that is how it differs from the rocks, change is its very nature. Who, then, were the recent lords of creation, that they should expect to remain unchanged?

‘The living form defies evolution at its peril; if it does not adapt, it will be broken.  The idea of completed man is the supreme vanity; the finished image is a sacrilegious myth.

‘The old people brought down Tribulation, and were broken into fragments by it.  Your father and his kind are a part of those fragments .  They have become history without being aware of it.  They are determined still that there is a final form to defend: soon they will attain the stability they strive for, in the only form it is granted – a place among the fossils….’

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