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Royals to crown women – one less pillar of sexism

Yesterday’s announcement from CHOGM in Perth, that the Commonwealth is to scrap laws barring first-born daughters from ascending to the throne, is one less card in the house of sexism and misogyny that came as baggage from ancient days.

At the time of Jesus it was normal to minimise women, to the point of ignoring them when counting people (Matthew 14:13-21).  Today, such attitudes are unacceptable. In a myriad ways, the position of women has advanced (consider the position of women in Australian political leadership today), but sadly, LCA leadership clings to pre-war notions of women’s position in the Church.

Just as it is inappropriate to maintain male superiority in the British Royal Family, it is increasingly contradictory and destructive to LCA morale and membership to attempt to maintain a theology of male superiority, while at the same time proclaiming Jesus’ grace to the whole world.


Check out the recent blog “In search of the picture of biblical womanhood“.  It’s a tough reminder of how women were viewed in the Old and New Testament and then a reminder of the grace that Jesus showed women.

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