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Brochure and PowerPoint testify to the widespread phenomena of women pastors in world Lutheranism

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These two screenshots are from a brochure that is being distributed by the All Saints Steering Committee members, to LCA congregations and Synod delegates.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 2.04.10 PMThe brochure is available here: Women in ministry (2.6MB).  You are invited to download and print, or email to key contacts within your congregation and beyond.

“This brochure has been developed to advocate women’s ordination on behalf of the LCA laity and pastors who attended the 2012 All Saints and Time to Soar conferences on women’s ordination in the LCA. Information about overseas Lutheran Churches is available on the LWF website and respective overseas church websites. The Australian women (referred to in the brochure) have consented to be represented in this brochure.”

In addition to the brochure a PowerPoint has been produced (available here: Women in ministry [6.3MB]) that tells the story of women’s ordination in the Lutheran tradition world-wide.   It is intended for showing to congregations and brings home just how wide spread women’s ordination is in the Lutheran communion.

Please leave your comments and tell us how available the files are in your congregation.

Further information about the All Saints Steering Committee can be found on the last two slides of the PowerPoint file.

Here are the links once again:

Women in ministry.pdf (2.6MB),  and Women in ministry.ppt (6.3MB).


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