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Race and Gender Discrimination in the Church

Margaret Mowczko, blogger at Newlife

If only people were accepted for what they are or could be, there would be no problem; but to know that something over which one has no control – namely, one’s biologically inherited appearance [or gender] – is forever a bar to the realization of an ideal, this is what hurts and hurts deeply.

via Race and Gender Discrimination in the Church.

It is so disheartening and contrary to love and compassion that those we love are excluded from leading us to God in worship, through their witness and feminine perspective on the Good News. It is our guess that those resisting women’s ordination might suggest that women’s perspective on the Gospel can be no different to that of men – and if they agreed that there was another perspective it presumably would be deemed inferior.

We guess it will take the retirement of the current President for this matter to be progressed. Meanwhile the Church fades.


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The structures of hate

A Kentucky Baptist Church has voted to ban interracial couples becoming members of their congregation.  They can still attend church but can’t take any leadership, except for funerals. Read more.

The stated reason is that it is “intended to promote greater unity among the church body and the community we serve.”  Let’s build our unity while we exclude those we are uncomfortable with.  Let’s work with people just like us.  Let’s not face diversity.

Whatever the language, we’re a racist species.  We are clever in the way we justify our prejudice, our conservatism and our hate.   However, it’s racism and it’s obscene.

The LCA treats women in a similar manner.  ‘You can come to church but you can’t have leadership.  Anything else would detract from our unity.’  We create structures in our own image, rather than allow our gaze to fall on Jesus embracing despised prostitutes and criminals (and of course women).  Just as the U.S. south has not recovered from the racism of slavery, the LCA has not recovered from its isolated, antipodean, German misogyny, and it’s obscene.

There can never be a justification for slavery, and there can never be a justification for misogyny, not in anyone’s name.

via Kentucky Baptist Church votes to ban interracial couples.


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