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What might women’s ordination look like?

Not sure what women’s ordination might look like? Maybe it might look like this?

Pastor Barbie joins Pastor Ken

Anglican women priests have been around for some time.  Little girls for generations (maybe forever) have played at being pastor, along with little boys.Not only Lutheran men love dressing up, for Julie Blake Fisher (Facebook page) seems to like the Anglican priestly garb.


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Women as Priests –

Andrea M. Johnson was ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest in 2007 and bishop in 2009. She has worked for many years as a religious educator at the adult and secondary levels. Her particular interest is ministry with marginalized and underserved Catholics.

Reposted from the New York Times.  Women as Priests –

REFORMERS within the Roman Catholic Church have been calling for the ordination of women as priests. The Vatican, however, refuses to consider the possibility and uses its power to silence those who speak out. Catholic clergy in Europe, Australia and the United States who have voiced public support for female ordination have been either dismissed or threatened with removal from administrative posts within the church. Read more and view the slide show of many Women Priests.


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